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My name is Katherine Longhi and I’m the Director of Communication at GIFEW.  I’m a stand for female leadership and empowerment and I’m a coach and mentor to extraordinary women.

I’m delighted to be kicking off this inaugural Constellation Corner blog post sharing about 12 extraordinary women and celebrating Women’s History Month.  Now more than ever we celebrate the women of our past, create who we are as women of the future, because we are the women we have been waiting for NOW.

At GIFEW, we’re committed to transformation of humanity through the aligned power of extraordinary women.  Part of how we fulfil on our mission is by aligning extraordinary women with their purpose, passion, and talents along 12 different sectors of society.  We have women in the constellation currently making an impact in society in politics, business, and ecology, and we are expanding the constellation to include other sectors.

We currently use futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard’s wheel of co-creation to define societal sectors:

Here are our top 12 picks by societal sector for women to celebrate for International Women’s Day

ART – Frida Kahlo

We love seeing this self-portrait of a woman totally ahead of her time. And we love the Mexican vide.  Inspired by the country’s popular culture, Frida employed a naïve folk art style to explore questions of identity, post-colonialism, gender, class and race in Mexican society.  Her art was inspired by her dramatic life and although she was not recognised in her life time (in the shadows of her ex-husband) we’re glad that her genius eventually got its due.  What do you feel when you look at her?

ECONOMICS – Lynne Twist

Lynne’s book “The Soul of Money” completely transformed our relationship to finances and got us present to how important it is to bring consciousness to the global financial system.  She’s collaborated with extraordinary people like Mother Teresa to bring healing to the world. Her vehicle? Money.  With women like her taking on Wall Street (don’t miss her TedX talk), we sleep better at night.  Who are your heroines in economics?


The next woman we’re celebrating today needs no introduction. Malala has made it her life’s work from a young age to get all girls around the world in school. A role model to girls and women everywhere, her clarity of purpose, commitment, and story inspires us. We also love that the international community has recognised her work by awarding her the nobel peace prize. She’s the youngest.  What’s your favorite thing about Malala?

ENVIRONMENT – Dr Jane Goodall

Dr Jane has a heart of gold. Her heart-based connections with chimpanzees forged ground-breaking research on the social and family interactions in wild animals.  Dr Jane connects humanity with nature which could not be more important in our evolution than it is right now.  What practices connect you with your heart?

GOVERNANCE – Jacinda Ardern

New Zealand’s Prime Minster is a breath of fresh air in politics. She recently became a mom and when she speaks at the UN, her partner and baby are right there in the front row rooting her on.  Her vision for her country is one rooted in feminine leadership which she displayed in abundance in the aftermath of a horrific massacre in Christchurch. She is striving to make New Zealand an inclusive society where everyone flourishes.  What are the feminine qualities that you think are needed in politics?

HEALTH – Florence Nightingale

Over 150 years ago, Florence went places no women had gone before – onto the battlefield. Florence founded the modern nursing profession through the gritty and bloody work she did during the Crimean War.  At the time, war was men’s work but Florence brought the feminine qualities of healing, kindness, compassion, and care giving to the profession. She completely transformed it.  Who inspires you in the area of health?

7/12 INFRASTRUCTURE – Dame Zaha Hadid

We love Zaha’s feminine, curvy and ground breaking architecture.  She wasn’t just a woman in a man’s world. She was a woman bringing people into a woman’s world.  What do you think it would be like living in this building on West 28th Street in New York City???

8/12 JUSTICE – Ruth Bader Ginsburg

aka “the Notorious RBG”

At 85 year old, RBG is just getting started. She’s a Supreme Court Justice who kicks cancer and still manages to vote on cases from her hospital bed.  After decades of fighting gender inequality in the lower courts, she’s now fighting for the soul of America in an ever increasingly conservative Supreme Court.  You can catch her early life story in the latest film “On the Basis of Sex.”  Have you seen it??? We thought it was AMAZING!

9/12 MEDIA – Oprah Winfrey

The Queen of Media, Oprah brings heart and soul to television and shines a light on people and ideas that wouldn’t normally enter the mainstream.  It’s voices like these that are the future of humanity and it sounds to us like a beautiful melody.   What do you hear from Oprah? From your heart and your soul? 

10/12 RELATIONS – Scilla Elworthy

Scilla is an extraordinary woman, peacebuilder, mentor, and her work is at the core of what we do in GIFEW.  A 3 time Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, she’s studied the top peacemakers in the world, and documented how they do their inner work in her book “Pioneering the Possible.”  We’ve all read it, highlighted and scribbled in it, and reference it all of the time.  We’re so happy to have her wisdom in our Constellation of Extraordinary Women.  We love you Scilla!!!

11/12 SCIENCE – Marie Curie

Marie was a lot more than her 2 nobel peace prizes for science. She was honest, humble and devoted to her life’s work. Her passion for discovery fueled her. She brought the feminine to her male colleagues by showing them alernative (non-linear) views.  We love seeing women in flow, using their talents, fullfilling their purpose.  For us, Marie is one of those women. Who is your role model?

12/12 SPIRITUALITY – Marianne Williamson

We are so excited that our favorite spiritual leader is running for President of the United States!!!

Before she announced her candidacy in January, if you’d asked us to pick who we think should be the leader of the free world, we would have said her!  Aligning women with their purpose, passion, and talents to other extraordinary women is exactly what we do in GIFEW.

We’re creating a whole world where all extraordinary women are exactly where they need to be in society in bring the transformation of humanity.  First step – Marianne becomes POTUS. Next step – what do you think???

Transformational Feminine Leadership. My purpose in life is to create a vortex leading and healing the feminine and fulfil on that through coaching and developing female change makers and transformational education. I am the Director of Programs at GIFEW and an international human resources consultant.