Challenge week of Listening

( 21 September - 28 September, 2019)

is over but you can download this tool

Peace starts in the micro-moments of decisions

That’s why we made the choice to start with consciousness around our own listening. 

In a two-step path, we will guide you through a conscious way of listening that we see as a start to peace.
In listening, we start with ourselves.

In the first 3 days we will tune into our triggers and what kind of stories we tell ourselves. For what we mean by that we invite you to watch the video of Brené Brown and Oprah Winfrey.

The stories we tell ourselves

What are we going to do?

Step 1

1. We invite you to get yourself a journal and start this week with a beautiful fresh new page.

2. See for yourself in your life where there are 2 relationships you want to improve. 

3. What stories do you tell yourself about these relationships?

4. What are the triggers for you creating the stories you tell yourself? 

A trigger is if your reaction in the way you wish you haven’t, or emotional response to something that is said.

Start writing it down, journal about it and share on the GIFEW Women facebook page 

We love to hear how the listening is going on for you and how you deal with the stories you tell yourself, what occurs for you. If you want to reach us personally just reach out on  the GIFEW Women facebook page