"A more peaceful world and a more peaceful century require that we rely not on weapons but on developing a widespread inner peace." Dalai Lama

Challenge week of Listening

Peace starts in the micro-moments of decisions

While women are often the first victims of armed conflict, they must also and always be recognised as key to the resolution of the conflict. 

Unless women are engaged in advancing the culture of peace at equal levels with men, sustainable peace will continue to elude us.
When their equality is not established in all spheres of human activity, neither the human right to peace is possible, nor the culture of peace is worthwhile. Without peace, development is impossible, and without women, neither peace nor development is possible.

~Anwarul K. Chowdhury 

Why the Impact platform for Peace and Consciousness?

Peace is really each and everyone's responsibility. And we don't even know that. We can feel so disempowered, may be overwhelmed and confused with the state of the world. We're so lost in everything that happened out there. That we don't even know that we have the power to change it. 

We see around in the world that there are so many initiatives aiming for peace and a lot of them are basically looking up to the governments to negotiate Peace.
We believe peace starts from all of us within. A lot of people don't know how to make it a practical, personal step to make in daily life.

With the platform we want to create a space where we can all find Peace from within and build this ripple effect in ourselves in our neighbourhood, communities into the world. Not the other way around. We strongly believe it comes from society. And if we don't know how to make it happen: the platform we can provide practical tools. 

It is time to evolve the capacities, especially women, have to create peace as a verb.


Still, if we look at the USG, peace is the least financially funded and least progressive goal among them all.

If women start acting to create peace, our societies will flourish. We can set the tone.


Together with men we can create the orchestra.

What are we doing actively on the platform?

We are active on three levels

1. Personal development

We know Peace starts with ourselves.
In our families, in our workplaces, so, how do we act from peace in our conversations with ourselves, at our family kitchen table? We offer practical tools to strengthen individuals and small groups online to start interacting from peace based communications.

2. Showcase examples 

To ripple out into communities. Gert Olefs of Worldpeace 2035 says it well: “let's make peace from a noun to a verb.

The impact platform on Peace and consciousness takes a stand for making Peace accessible for society on a day to day basis. Listening and communication are essential to be integrated into all we do, to make Peace as a verb,  action

3. Local and global connection. 

We bring local initiatives to a global platform to create an inspiring example for each other.
We connect global organisations as  Peace Direct of Scilla Elworthy, The Heartmath Institute of Sheva Carr, Worldpeace2035 of Gert Olefs, FemQ , The True PurposeⓇ Institute and many more because we know only from connection, collaboration peace becomes a reality.

“We are the heroes we've been waiting for.” 

How do we work?

In all we do, we act from a continuum circle:

1. We take a project, course or initiative on

2. We learn and grow

3. We start taking actions, practise and implement

4. We reflect on what works and where to improve or let go.

Why a GIFEW Impact platform for Peace and consciousness?

When we speak about evolving women and the transformation of humanity, it often easier said than done when you live in a part of the world that is without war.  Freedom of expressing yourself and be physically safe to take action is a direct result of peace. 

All that touches society in education, politics, ecology, health, justice and even art, it is connected with peace.

The Impact Platform for Peace and Consciousness takes a stand for the integration of the principles of Peace such as inclusion, listening and communication based on unity.

It is time to evolve the capacities, especially women, have to create peace as a verb. Still, if we look at the USG, peace is the least financially funded and least progressive goal among them all. If women start acting to create peace, our societies will flourish. We can set the tone. Together with men we can create the orchestra.

What if you become active on the Impact Platform for Peace and Consciousness? 

Peace is a practise, like a muscle that we develop. Being with ourselves like being at peace with imperfection. We have to train our Peace-muscle to create a society where peace in action is the norm, not the exception. Ready a book or only taking a pill won’t get you in muscles build up, by doing you create the results, so it is with peace.

When faced with world problems - like hunger, overpopulation, nuclear weapons, the arms trade - you may be among those who are overwhelmed by a feeling of "Help!

What on earth can I, just one person, do about this?" Take heart. That's a sane response. It's the basis for a whole new attitude to world problems, where change at the level of the individual is more and more recognised as essential to change in huge world systems. ~ Scilla Elworthy

Meet the team

Nienke van Bezooijen (The Netherlands)

Platform Initiator, GIFEW Constellation Leader

The voice for authentic leadership on world stages 

Nienke van Bezooijen,(NL) is a mentor for thought-leaders and changemakers. Globally she leads people to find their authentic voice to make the difference in the world.  She wrote several books about public speaking, created her own team of coaches within her company Presentation-Master. Within GIFEW Nienke is a constellation-leader, mentor and director of education. As an initiator for this peace platform she will focus on listening and communication from peace. 

Nienke van Bezooijen, The Netherlands, was born only a mile away from the International Peace Palace. The first part of her working life she dedicated to look after others being a nurse and staff manager in healthcare. At the age of 41 she became an entrepreneur, trained herself all over the world to be a speakers mentor. She works exclusively with change-makers and thought-leaders.
She wrote several books about public speaking, created her own team of coaches within her company Presentation-Master. She is since 2016 involved in GIFEW, took all the education to become a Constellation Leader and director of education. Nienke is a faculty mentor with the speciality to support women to find their souls’ voice and start expressing that fully. First she initiated the Impact plaform on Conscious Politics in 2018 with Andrea Tittelova
Inspired by her mentors Scilla Elworthy and Sheva Carr Nienke became clear that her own voice is around Peace and consciousness. She is board-member for worldpeace 2035,writing her latest book about to how listen and communicate from a place of peace. With the Peaceplatform Nienke found a place to bring all parts of her life together. 

For more about Nienke, visit: https://www.nienkevanbezooijen.com 

Kawtar El Alaoui (Canada)

Platform Core Leadership Team Member

Guiding and supporting conscious leaders in the creation of a world where no one is left behind 

Kawtar is a conscious leader committed to bringing people back to themselves and each other. Her work brings to light the unconscious ways we create stuckness, separation and conflict, and supports the creation of empowering, and peaceful cultures based on the pillars of self-awareness, inner power, emotional regulation, conscious communication, and collaboration. 

Through coaching and experiential learning labs, Kawtar supports leaders and groups in creating new empowering dynamics, where each individual is seen and appreciated, where communication and collaboration come from self-awareness, and where each person is using their talents and passions to contribute meaningfully to the whole. 


Her vision:

A world where every person can live in dignity, inner harmony and contributing the whole in a meaningful way that honors their individuality. 

Kawtar believes our current times are calling us to recognize the universality of our humanity, and when a critical threshold of humanity is able to sit in conscious togetherness, peace within ourselves, peace on our planet, and with our planet will become a reality. Kawtar believes in the power of values and purpose driven leadership in making the vision for world peace a reality: Leadership for World Peace. 

To know more about Kawtar and her work, visit: https://www.kawtarelalaoui.ca/

Tatiana Benkova (Slovakia)

GIFEW Constellation Leader

I am an evolutionary coach and the COO at the Global Institute of Evolving Women (GIFEW). I graduated from Law School with a doctorate degree in Law following practicing commercial law for several years. In 2013, I joined GIFEW where I am developing female change makers to be the catalysts of societal transformation. 
My passion for transformational education and a deep care for society are my key drivers in life.


I am committed to fully unleashing the power of women through which our humanity will evolve to the next level of consciousness. I am committed to contributing to the conscious evolution of human consciousness. 

The time has come for a quantum leap in evolutionary consciousness and I believe that women have a fundamental role to play in this.