Meet the team

Platform Initiators

The platform initiators along with a core team of enthusiastic collaborators from around the world have created a solid platform foundation that doesn’t exist in this form or shape in the world yet.

Our shared values are: ethics, inclusion, responsibility, reliability, compassion and equality.  

Nienke van Bezooijen (NL)

Over the last years, Nienke became naturally involved as a speaker’s mentor in the field of politics. She was contacted by political leaders who felt there are another voices and actions needed to enhance citizens and stop polarization, disrupt the status quo. 
In politics is all about enhancement and impact.  Speaking with impact is the obvious outcome in all the mentoring Nienke gives. Nienke worked with politicians on a local, national and international level.
Collaboration, bridging connections, respectful Dutch directness, is what you will find in working with Nienke.

Andrea Tittelova (SK)

Andrea is a catalyst of innovations and consciousness in politics and public. Over last 7 years she has been engaged in the field of politics at various institutions. Temporarily deployed in Brussels in the European Parliament, lobbying industry of Washington DC. In 2012 she founded an action tank Youth Politics Education, which prepares value - based people for politics and public. 

Katherine Longhi (UK/USA)

Katherine is a stand for female leadership and empowerment.  She is the Director of Programs at GIFEW, a changemaker, author, entrepreneur, and a transformational coach.  She is running for her first local political office in 2022.

Platform Core Team Members

The core and support teams of the platform are committed to and stand for transforming politics in the countries where they live. They work in sectors such as citizen lobbying, US politics, the European Commission and European public affairs. 

Our core team members decided to partner with the platform because they feel it is the vehicle for their voice and legacy in politics that they want in the world.

Dr. Amy Bacharach (USA)

Amy is an elected delegate to the California Democratic Party, a former elected Trustee to the San Francisco Community College Board, Continue Reading


Alisa Flemming (UK)

Alisa is one of the three Labour councillors for the existing Upper Norwood ward. She has held this mandate since the last local elections in the UK. Continue reading

Andrea Boccuni (IT)

Andrea is International Partnership manager at The Good Lobby where he develops and implements strategic partnership strategies together with The Good Lobby’s Funders and Secretariat. Continue reading

Lucia Klestincova (SK/BE)

Lucia is a European policy maker standing for the transformation of the public sector, pioneering collaborative leadership based on feminine values. She is passionate about hacking how European policies are designed and communicated. Continue reading

Adam Sebesta (SK/BE)

Adam believes that conscious politics can be achieved via conscious lobbying. In the end, that contribute to shaping the policy field. Continue reading

Pamela Campos (USA)

Platform supporter

Pam has been recognised internationally for her transformative leadership and advocacy initiatives, served as a gubernatorial appointee in the state of Oregon,  Continue reading

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  • Are you grassroots organisation member?
  • Are you a politician or the politician to be?
  • Are you business person who cares for society and grassroots initiatives?