Conscious citizens transforming politics 

Platform initiators: Nienke van Bezooijen (The Netherlands), Andrea Tittelova (Slovakia), Katherine Longhi (UK/USA).

The  GIFEW Global Impact Platform on Conscious Politics is the space for collaboration and exchanging resources with the purpose to transform  politics.

We empower grassroots initiatives, conscious politicians, and conscious business leaders.

We bridge the most powerful institutions in the world: business and politics.

The platform creates a unique space for all three groups to raise consciousness in politics around the world.

The platform is a rich space of wisdom and connection, peer-to-peer sparring partners, and mentorship from experienced conscious leaders.


Now more than ever, each and every one of us has an important role to play in our democracy.  We face extreme political polarisation  and populism everywhere in the world. 

The gap between governments and citizens, the rich and the poor, people and the planet is growing.

The GIFEW Impact Platform on Conscious Politics exists to activate the transformation of humanity through conscious politics. 


Transformation of humanity through the impact of conscious politics.

"We need non-prototypical leaders who 'get' it:  equality is crucial." Kim Campbell

What is conscious politics?

Conscious politics is the state whereby everyone in the political system - citizens, politicians, lobbyists, and policy makers are actively engaged in the democratic process. 

People act with integrity for the service of humanity and society and with the courage to respectfully disrupt the status quo.

All of the people in the political system are aware of the challenges that humanity faces and they see it from the perspective of global citizenship. They act on the urgent need for global collaboration. 

Who we serve?

  • Citizen activists and grassroots initiatives active in politics.
  • Politicians and people running for office.
  • Conscious business leaders and financial donors.

What we do?

  • Empower grassroots initiatives
    We connect citizen activists running grassroots initiatives with possible collaborators and partners. We support them with our GIFEW education and we connect them with organisations.
  • Support and connect politicians and people running for office
    We bridge grassroots leaders and conscious politicians. We give access to a network with platform members to leverage impact.
  • Connect business leaders and political stakeholders
    who care for society and grassroots initiatives. These leaders want to invest their financial resources into campaigns, causes or electoral races of the members of the platform. We enable the business leaders who see their financial endowment in terms of the return on impact on specific candidates or initiatives.

The platform is a rich space of wisdom and connection, peer-to-peer sparring partners, and mentorship from experienced conscious leaders.

Watch Nienke van Bezooijen interviewing Right Honourable Kim Campbell 19th Prime Minister of Canada.

Topic: Global Politics, Perspective, and Possibilities: Women Rising with Men


This is just the extract of the video. To watch the full interview go to:

Meet the team

The platform initiators along with a core team of enthusiastic collaborators from around the world have created a solid platform foundation that doesn’t exist in this form or shape in the world yet.

Our shared values are: ethics, inclusion, responsibility, reliability, compassion and equality.  

Platform Initiators

Nienke van Bezooijen  (NL)

Andrea Tittelova  (SK)

Katherine Longhi (USA/UK)

Join us in this transformational proces.

How can we serve you?

  • Are you grassroots organisation member?
  • Are you a politician or the politician to be?
  • Are you business person who cares for society and grassroots initiatives?