Meet the team

Marie Soprovich (CA)

Platform Initiator
“I believe myself to be a resilient leader who stands for truthfulness, courage, awareness and results, using my voice to make a positive impact locally and globally. I strive to be a role model for women in business and to lead conversations with change agents, spiritual leaders, and transformation leaders around the practice of how we elevate the level of consciousness in business. We all play a role in the transformation of business first by transforming ourselves, then our culture and ultimately the world."

Katherine Longhi (USA/UK)

Platform Leader
Katherine is a stand for female leadership and empowerment.  She is a transformation leader with extensive experience engaging business leaders and delivering global change programmes in diversity and inclusion. She is a thought leader, author, and transformational coach who transforms business through transforming its people. As the Director of Communication at GIFEW, Katherine is the voice of women who are transforming the world.  

Jan Polak (SK)

Platform Advisor
Jan is a longtime advisor, facilitator, trainer, and coach of managers and entrepreneurs with international experience from Great Britain, USA, Australia, South Africa, India and Hong Kong. He is  a strong advocate for purposeful enterprises and integral approach to business and am focused on supporting the development and use of natural talents and human potential of individuals and teams in both small and large companies. Specifically, he focuses on empowering entrepreneurs and business leaders to build and lead organisations that make a difference in the world and propel humanity forward.

Katarina Archer (UK/SK)

Platform Contributor
Katarina is a conscious and evolutionary business leader and a member of the Global Institute of Evolving Women (GIFEW).  She has been working in the Insurance Industry for nine years where she is currently raising awareness about diversity, collaboration, conscious leadership, female empowerment, wellbeing and mindfulness.  Katarina is committed to collaborate and evolve with other extraordinary women, female change makers and be the catalysts of societal transformation. Her passion for transformational education and a deep care for society are her key drivers life. 

Ivana Miklesova

Platform Contributor