A business that has a heart, mind, and soul, a conscience and a consciousness is what we work for.  

When all Businesses are led by Conscious Leaders who are a stand for their people working in a Culture based on Love, with Purpose and Values, then the world will witness a transformation that will impact all of humanity.

The GIFEW Global Impact Platform on  Conscious Business is designed to bring together leaders who wish to create that Transformation.

Leaders who recognize the importance of developing their own consciousness and who are looking for like-minded people to have conversation and share what actions they have taken to transform their own businesses with intention and consciousness.

“ I believe myself to be a resilient leader who stands for truthfulness, courage, awareness and results, using my voice to make a positive impact locally and globally.

I strive to be a role model for women in business and to lead conversations with change agents, spiritual leaders, and transformation leaders around the practice of how we elevate the level of consciousness in business.

We all play a role in the transformation of business first by transforming ourselves, then our culture and ultimately the world.” Marie Soprovich, platform initiator

I am committed to my vision of making the world a better place ... one conversation at a time.

"If you aren't making difference in other people's lives, you shouldn't be in business - it's that simple." Richard Branson.


Transformation of humanity through the impact of conscious business.


To bring together leaders in the global business community who share a transformative vision for conscious business and take action to impact humanity through growth and practice that builds Conscious Businesses.

What is Conscious Business

To be conscious is to have awareness of both the inner and the outer worlds in which we exist.  When we combine the awareness of our inner and our outer worlds as we navigate in our Businesses we find a wonderful place where who we are Being in life intersects with what we are doing and how we are doing it.  

As our level of consciousness increases and we actively bring that higher consciousness into our businesses, the magic of transforming others and their experiences can take place. 

Our Approach

To gather like-minded leaders who recognize, value and practice Conscious Business in order that we may all share, inspire, engage in best practices, and draw others into our networks to do the same.  

This is an organic platform that will take shape through conversations and collaborations. This is a place to grow in theory and to transform through action.


We can begin by having conversations about...

  • Facilitating Transformation
    How do conscious business leaders develop themselves first?  And how do they develop a culture that is not built on fear, where their people can develop to their full potential?
  • Demonstrating support for the  3 “C’s”
    What do conscious business leaders do to recognize, value and elevate their people such that they are capable, connected and contributing in ALL aspects of life?  How do Conscious Leaders create an environment where employees feel like they matter and that work is not merely where a transaction takes place...where they trade their heads and the hands for a pay cheque?
  • Modeling Purposeful Work
    “Work is Love made Visible” - Kahlil Gibran.  How do Conscious Leaders demonstrate the congruence of “work as love made visible”?  What do leaders do to create a common Purpose for their employees that ignites and inspires them to be their best in ALL aspects of their life?

Meet the team

Platform Initiators

Both Marie Soprovich and Glenise Harvey had successful careers in education before taking on leadership roles in their family construction businesses.  

Both women saw the need to create cultures in their organizations that would elevate their employees in much the same way that they created cultures in their classrooms that elevated their students.  And they both knew the importance of it all starting with who they were being for those they were leading.

Join us in creating Transformation through Conscious Business.

Glenise Harvey (Canada)

Marie Soprovich (Canada)

This is an organic platform that will take shape through conversations and collaborations.

This is a place to grow in theory and to transform through action.


"We have to bring this world back to sanity and put the greater good ahead of self-interest." - Paul Polman, Unilever